Besakih Temple
A Journey to the Heart of Bali's Cultural Heritage

Om Swastiastu, Welcome to Besakih Temple

Besakih Temple, located on the slopes of Mount Agung in Bali, Indonesia, is considered to be the most significant and holiest temple in Bali and is referred to as the "Mother Temple." This ancient temple has a rich history, spanning over a thousand years, and is a testament to the island's cultural and spiritual heritage.

Short History

Besakih Temple is a complex of multiple temples, each dedicated to a different Hindu god or goddess. It is believed to have been established during the 9th century, and over the centuries, it has undergone various renovations and expansions. The temple is considered to be a symbol of the balance between man and nature, and is seen as a sacred place where the divine and human realms intersect.

1963 Caused

One of the most significant events in the history of Besakih Temple was the eruption of Mount Agung in 1963. The eruption caused widespread damage, and the temple was in danger of being buried in volcanic ash. However, local people worked tirelessly to clean the temple and repair any damage, and it has since been fully restored to its former glory.

Important Ceremonies

Besakih Temple is also known for its important ceremonies, including the "Eka Dasa Rudra" ceremony, which takes place every 210 days. During this ceremony, offerings of flowers, fruits, and rice are made to the gods, and it is a symbol of the unity between humans and nature. The ceremony is attended by thousands of people from all over Bali, making it a spectacular event that showcases the island's rich cultural heritage.

How You Can Visit Besakih Temple ?

Visitors to Besakih Temple are welcome, but it is important to note that this is a place of worship, and visitors should dress modestly and behave respectfully. Women who are on their period or menstruation are not allowed to enter the temple, as it is considered to be impure. The temple can be accessed by foot or by car, and entrance fees are required. Visitors who want to learn more about the temple's history and cultural significance may want to consider hiring a local tour guide, who can provide valuable insights and information about the temple.

So, If you are looking for a unique cultural and spiritual experience in Bali, then a visit to Besakih Temple is a must. This ancient temple is a symbol of the balance between man and nature, and a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Bali. Explore its stunning architecture, learn about its history and ceremonies, and immerse yourself in the peaceful and spiritual atmosphere of this remarkable place. Book your trip to Besakih Temple today and have an experience that you will never forget!

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